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Want to Know How Real Estate Auctions Work?

As a $7bn industry, auctions are a great way to buy real estate at discounted prices or sell troubled properties quick. Understanding how auctions work is very easy, it is not more complicated than dealing with a conventional buy/sell real estate transaction, it’s just different. All kids of properties are suitable for auction. It’s fast and has many pros for both, seller and buyer.

In our auction platform, once a property is placed for sale, an opening bid is set. From there the value will go up every time a new and higher bid is placed, until no one else is willing to pay more for the property. 

If you are buyer:

  • Bids are placed in real time 
  • If a property has a β€œBuy Now’’ price you can buy it for that blue. Higher bidder wins 
  • The winning bid is the final price, no hidden fees 

If you are a seller/wholesaler:

  • We market the house to cash buyers who do not need an appraisal or professional home inspection 
  • We can sell your house in 5 days. It’s that easy 
  • If the property does not sell at auction it can be put up for auction again. Max of two auctions

Types of property that can be sold in auction:

  • Single family 
  • Multy family – 2 to unlimited units 
  • Manufactured homes 
  • Land 
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Mobile home parks 
  • Self storage facilities 

Auctions are attractive for real estate investors looking to diversify their portfolio. On the seller side, selling a property in auction will be quick and also attract cash buyers.

At USA Discount Properties we specialize in real estate auctions, contact us for more info and leave your email below to stay know about our future auctions. 

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