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5 Real Estate Buzzwords Every St Louis Real Estate Investor Should Know

As a real estate investor, staying on top of ever-changing REI terminology and buzzwords is imperative to keeping ahead in the profession. The real estate investment business is not a stagnant enterprise but requires dedicated oversight and real-time adjustments to your investment strategy to protect your holdings. 

Staying up to date in the real estate investment business is critical for success, so read on as we explore these five real estate buzzwords every Saint Louis real estate investor should know.

Cash Flow

Positive cash flow is the goal of every real estate investor making cash flow one of the terms you should know. Positive cash flow is when a profit remains annually after all investment expenses are covered. Professional buyers like us at USA Discount Properties will show you the ropes as you learn the tricks of the trade that keep the cash flowing. In addition, we can help you understand how to maximize potential.

Cap Rate

The cap rate is another real estate buzzword every St Louis real estate investor should know, used by investors as a metric to evaluate available properties and find the best deals. 

Professionals like us run the numbers to help you select investments that earn the highest possible returns for your investment dollar. Additionallly, we can teach you the trusted formulas that help real estate investors predict the yield from an investment property. 


Value-add is our next real estate buzzword every investor should know. It refers to a short-term investment strategy of finding low-priced properties needing upgrades or repairs to increase their value. We help you understand how to create a realistic working budget and timeline.


Every St Louis real estate investor should know the term turnkey, meaning the property is ready for occupancy without any expenditure for repairs. You can begin earning cash flow from the property immediately. Professional buyers like those at USA Discount Properties have built-in efficiency to speed transactions with their full-service in-house team of industry specialists, from the inspection to closing.

Market Cycle

Real estate goes through market cycles, an essential real estate buzzword every real estate investor should know. With a keen awareness of every market phase, be it recovery, expansion, hyper-supply, or recession, you can make wise choices about your entry and exit strategies that will help protect your holdings. We stay on top of the critical factors contributing to savvy St Louis investment moves. We also help real estate investors like you to stay informed and come out on top of downturns and ride the waves when the market is up.

At USA Discount Properties we can help you become familiar with all the essential real estate buzzwords every St Louis real estate investor should know. So why not let us help you keep your portfolio well-diversified and healthy while you enjoy your golden years? We make it easy for a real estate investor like you to succeed with built-in efficiency and a team of investor-minded professionals from every walk of the real estate industry backing you up. Call USA Discount Properties at 901 808 8448.

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